*  Knows name and age

*  Recognizes colors and can sort things by one or two attributes

*  Recognizes patterns, sorts shapes, sizes and colors

*  Knows favorite books and songs

Fine Motor Devleopment

Pre-schooler's have a large variety of indoor and outdoor equipment that enhances physical development available throughout the day. You may see your pre-schooler's working on the following activities:

Mastering fine motor skills and coordination necessary for written communication, reading and academic success. Some activities you may see you pre-schooler participating in include:

Developmental Milestone Focus

*  Pedals car toys

*  Jumps with both feet (jumping rope)

*  Gallops and alternates feet on stairs and begins to balance on one foot

*  Catches balls and throws them overhead

*  Runs around obstacles

Physical Development & Movement

At this age, children's curiosity is a defining part of their life. As children in these classrooms begin to move towards more independence, our pre-school program uses themed learning centers to help open their eyes to a world of learning and exploring. Our mix of child-initiated and teacher-led activities engages young minds by focusing on science, the creative arts, construction, language, and more. By asking questions that help the children think, reason, and express their experiences, we help them build the early education fundamentals they'll need as they continue on to kindergarten.

Pre-schooler's will have access to developmentally appropriate books and puzzles. Children will also enjoy understanding cause and effect, telling time, and beginning to count. Some activities you may see include:

*  Holds crayons with fingers and cuts paper

*  Makes vertical, horizontal and circular strokes on paper

*  Strings large beads

*  Draws shapes and people and paints or writes with fingers

*  Builds bridges and plays with train station

*  Writes meaningful letters 

Creative Expression & Sensory Exploration

Pre-schooler's love to play interactive games and engage in make-believe play. By exploring a variety of sensory materials this encourages an understanding of how the world works. Some activities you may see include:

Cognitive & Language Development

*  Playing in interactive and cooperative games

*  Engages in role play and takes turns

*  Able to notice others feelings and chooses to interact with peers over adults

*  Maintaining ongoing friendship with one child

*  Dresses self

*  Engages in toilet training

* Performs class tasks   

* Starts to take responsibility for own belongings   

* Writing looks different than drawing

* Counts to 10 

* Knows colors and shapes  

* Recognizes pictures and conveys meaning

* Demonstrates one-to-one correspondence  

* Representational artwork, construction, etc.  

* Writes name with upper case letter

Pre-School Program