As toddler develop friendships, language, and independence, our toddler program will help them explore their world in a nurturing and positive environment. Our unique curriculum encourages children to foster their curiosity and supports them in testing new skills. Each day is filled with fun activities that help them learn individually and in small groups as they enjoy sensory exploration, cause and effect, language development, books, and singing songs.

Cognitive & Language Development

Creative Expression & Sensory Exploration

Toddlers have access to developmentally appropriate books and enjoy many stories throughout the day. Teachers and children also enjoy singing songs and nursery rhymes. Some activities you may see include:

Toddlers love to dabble in fingerprints, discover things such as how glue makes objects stick, and experiment with crayons and markers. Exploring a variety of sensory materials encourage an understanding of how the world works. Some activities you may see are:

*  Listening to stories

*  Dumping and filling baskets

*  Singing songs

*  Engaging in problem solving

*  Working alongside other children on art projects

*  Washing "babies" and other toys

*  Finger painting and using markers or crayons

Dramatic Play

Physical Development & Movement

The dramatic play area allows children to act out roles they see adults play; they are often found chatting on a toy phone or rocking a baby doll to sleep. Some activities you may see your toddler participating in include:

Toddlers have a large variety of indoor and outdoor equipment that enhances physical development that is available throughout the day. You may see your toddlers working on the following activities:

*  Playing with props such as kitchenware

*  Using puppets

*  Putting on and taking off dress up clothes

*  Engaging in pretend play

*  Moving to music

*  Using riding toys and building with blocks

*  Running, jumping, and climbing

Developmental Milestone Focus

* Engages in pretend play   

* Participates in group activities   

* Undresses self  

* Combines words and gestures

* Names people, objects, and body parts  

* Demonstrates problem solving  

* Climbs, pushes and pulls objects

* Throws and kicks balls  

* Uses spoon  

* Scribbles with crayon  

* "Reads" books independently

Toddler Program